Catherine Amy Millan * Going through my wedding photos and remembering details of our wedding that I’d forgotten. I wouldn’t be able to do this at all if it weren’t for our wedding photographer Adele Kok; not only did she give us memories, she gave us beautiful, perfect moments in time. I often rave about our engagement and wedding photography, but I thought it might be time to tell the story about us and Adele.

I first found out about Adele when Camilla Carmen Mouton showed me her parents’ brag book of her sister’s wedding, Dominique Rossi Breetzke. It took me two pages and I’d decided that this was the photographer I wanted for us. I showed Alastair and went a bit crazy, but I didn’t care that it was two years to our wedding date, I wanted Adele.

I got hold of Adele to ask for a catalogue of her wedding photography packages. I was dreading it a bit because great wedding photographers are so expensive. But Adele had so much to offer and didn’t cost the earth at all. I’m still not sure if this is because she’s a wonderfully humble person or because she’s modest about her beautiful photography. She’s worth billions people… billions.

She was THE ONE. It was a year and a half to go to the actual wedding but I knew I had to hustle because if I didn’t move fast another bride might grab her first. BUT-OMG-NO-MY-WORLD-IS-FALLING-APART – Adele said it looked like she would be moving overseas!! I smiled and cried quietly inside… (I’m one of those creepy brides you hear about)

A few months went by and I emailed her back to find out if she’d left yet. She was still here and the overseas plan hadn’t worked out. I won’t lie Adele I felt very bad… but I inwardly celebrated. YESSSS! My dream photographer! We organised our engagement shoot and I found out that Adele was an amazing make-up artist as well (I wouldn’t have blinked twice if you’d told me she was a hair stylist too – so super talented was Adele). Our engagement shoot was beautiful and amazing and my life was complete.

And then I got an email from Adele that she’d fallen pregnant! YAY!
But OMG she would be seven months along on our wedding date! I had visions of her falling or something while taking photos for a crazy bride (me) and realised that this was not going to happen because although she was my dream photographer – this was her dream and her family.

But Adele was a super trooper. On the 10th of October 2015 she was there, highly pregnant, on a hot day and doing my make-up and capturing our wedding. Her super hubby was there to carry everything and take a whole ton of other photos with her. And that is the story behind my beautiful wedding photography. Because of an extraordinarily talented, dream-photographer, super-woman I have all our perfect moments of our beautiful wedding day to have forever.

Adele Kok I can never thank you enough for what you gave us! We’ll see you for a baby shoot sometime (in the next few years everyone calm down!)



Mareli van Rheedevanoudshoorn – Family photo’s  * Beste Adele Kok My grootste droom het waar geword met jou wat van ons gesin foto’s neem. So baie baie dankie dat jy ons droomkind kon vasvang op foto’s. Nie net is jy uiters professioneel nie, maar ons het ongelooflik gemaklik gevoel in jou teenwoordigheid. Jy is fantasties goed met kinders- te danke aan jou eie Danetjie-, en ons het n heerlike oggend saam met jou geniet! Ons het ongelooflik baie komplimente gekry, weereens dis als te danke aan jou en jou fantastiese talent!!! Ek weet nou hoekom ons mekaar in radiografie moes ontmoet……..sodat jy ons kosbare tye kan vasvang op foto’s! Kan nie wag vir ons volgende “shoot” saam met jou nie. Xxx Mareli


Rene Kroezen – Mother of the Bride  * Wow,wow,wow. Lekker huil ek nou. Stunning fotos. Danki Adele . Jy mag maar.


Muriel Serfontein  * Baie dankie Adele vir die ongelooflike foto’s. Jy het so goed met ons chaotiese groot gesin gewerk en die foto’s het mooier uitgekom as wat ek ooit kon droom.


Marizka Van Der Merwe  *wow wow wow..Adele Kok, dit is stunning


Anell Vergeer  * Asemrowend!!! Wow… dankie Adele Kok, eks mal daaroor!


Sam Huiskamp  * Duisend dankies Adele!! Ons is mal oor die fotos!!!


Elmarie van Wyngaard  *Onvergeetlike troue… en jy het die heel mooiste herinneringe vir ons vas gevang in die heel mooiste fotos Baie Baie dankie dis PUIK


Shante Van Wyngaard Potgieter  *Beautiful… Die mooiste herinneringe


Catherine Amy Millan  * Wowowow Adele Kok just sitting here without words and remembering how amazing the day was. Thank you so much these are perfectly beautiful in every way


Yolandé Kotzé  * Beste fotograaf ooit! Xxx